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Cloud is Costing Me What?!

Discover Cloud FinOps: Secrets to Optimize Your Investment

Leave your cloud pain points at the door and learn the value of building a FinOps practice. Incorporating one will provide your agency with mature processes that maximize the business value from cloud spend.

What is Cloud FinOps? A disciplined process to build and execute cloud financial management that unites business goals and processes with the agency culture that brings teams together.

In this webinar, we will dive into the challenges that impact FinOps, help you understand its roles and scope, and provide you the visibility needed to optimize workloads. Versed in FinOps, we provide lessons learned from project planning to cost optimization. Wherever your agency is in its cloud journey, you will gain the insights to optimize cloud spend and meet your cloud goals.

 Who Should Attend: Federal department and agency officials including:

  • Cloud Infrastructure Owners
  • Cloud Workload Owners
  • Financial Managers

Embracing Digital Agility to Enable IT Modernization for DOD

IT Management and Modernization

Embracing Digital Agility and Digital Transformation are of paramount importance for the DoD given the rapidly evolving cyber, technology, and threat environments. When IT is implemented correctly it can greatly improve security, resiliency, and usability ensuring high value and effectiveness on the investment.

Unfortunately, adopting new paradigms and approaches across the larger DoD enterprise is not easy; requiring coordination of cultural and process (both acquisition and financial/budgeting systems) change, embracing infrastructure and service delivery modernization, improved stakeholder and user feedback, data and system modeling transparency & visibility, bridging trust and understanding of automation to cyber processes.

Today we will talk about many facets of these changes with successful trailblazers for the DON, who are striving to enable adaptive and agile delivery of services and solutions to our warfighters & decision-makers that meet their constantly evolving needs and rapidly changing threat vectors.

 Who Should Attend: Federal officials and individuals working with the Department of Defense who are interested in Digital Transformation lessons learned and best practices, including:

  • Program/Project Managers
  • Software/Systems Engineers
  • Logisticians
  • Executive Champions