Message from Our CEO

We know we are born and then we return to the earth. Regardless of what you believe happens afterward, there are only a limited number of days on this earth. When you wake up every day choose to make a difference, not just a difference to yourself, but to your community, the country, and the human experience. Go big, lead, take risks, drive your mission, and most importantly take the time to appreciate the amazing people around you. Always practice humility, simplicity, and truth. Work harder at making yourself smarter, more productive, impactful, and a better steward of your domain than anyone else. Always remember integrity is practiced every day and trust is only ever given in its simplest form once, honor it. Maintain your curiosity, surround yourself with people who really challenge you, and never lose appreciation and awe for what people in unison can accomplish together.

The above principles are the foundation of Sev1Tech, a different way to do business. Everyone in our community is passionate about their discipline, driven by making a better tomorrow, and connected through a simple fabric of trust and genuine interest in each other. We are direct and impactful with our communication. Most importantly we always follow through. We always put people before profit, the missions we support before money and improving the communities and people around us before our own self-interests. Talk to our people, hear the difference, experience the connection. Talk to our customers, see the performance, feel the difference.

The Right People in the Right Jobs

Meet the leaders behind Sev1Tech’s  amazing culture, innovation and continued success.

Bob Lohfeld

Chief Executive Officer

Joe Montoya

Chief Operating Officer

Denise Wilder

Chief Financial Officer

Martin Wright

Chief Information Officer

Brian McIntyre

Senior Vice President, DOD Solutions

Tara LeBlanc

Executive Vice President, Mission Solutions

Hector Collazo

Chief Technology Officer

Lisa Anderson

Chief Human Resource Officer

Zhenia Klevitsky

Chief Growth Officer

Nicki McAllister

Vice President, Commercial Sales and IT

Tracey Hayes

Vice President, Air and Space Force

Junji Takahashi

Vice President, Mergers & Acquisitions

Christian Schoener

Senior Vice President, Growth Enablement