Enterprise IT

Simplify complex voice, data, networks, and cloud installations 

Modernization means securing, connecting and spurring innovative evolution of enterprise systems networks and services. Sev1Tech’s Enterprise IT is the foundation for optimizing support and managed services. Because every organization’s journey is different, our team focuses on delivery of modernized technology, innovative solutions, and IT support operations for data center, network, and cloud, that meet or exceed latest industry standards and strict security and engineering requirements. Our services meet NIST, FedRAMP, HIPAA, and FISMA requirements. Modernized systems enable monitoring and rapidly responding to operational needs, learning and assessing customer needs, and addressing challenges to evolve technology and platforms.

Business Value

  • Simplify complex installations of data, networks, and cloud environments
  • Provide network security services and configuration backed by the industry’s highest certifications and experienced subject matter experts to address and overcome challenging installations and operational events
  • Innovative processes designed for maximum coverage, responsiveness, and retention of support teams

Key Services

  • Modernize data center migration processes and networks to reduce security threats and improve network systems
  • Support network cloud connectivity and the migration of onsite applications to the cloud
  • Conduct research and analysis of emerging industry technologies by performing proof of concept to test and evaluate the technical solution and outcome
  • Provide network access control and end-point security and monitoring using our CSTAT monitoring and management tools
  • Provide elastic application readiness assessments that provide full application discovery,  allowing organizations to prepare for their migration to the cloud and other environments
  • Align strategic and mission goals through a customer-oriented approach to tailor operational processes and provide a plan for migration to consumption-based, high-availability environments
  • Model and pilot cloud adoption strategies with assessments and proof of concept deployments
  • Design and install servers, networks, and operational processes specific to the customers’ technology and environment
  • Deliver advanced cybersecurity services to standardize and update complex and mission-critical networks

Availability, Performance, and Security architected into enterprise services

Sev1Tech delivers comprehensive enterprise architecture tailored to our customers’ business needs. We partner closely with each customer to evaluate or support the development of a capability roadmap, identify and evaluate emerging technologies, and define an approach to achieve capabilities iteratively and skillfully, always mindful of opportunities to optimize or advance transformation while enhancing mission application performance.

Key Services
• Transform infrastructure through a vendor agnostic approach to deliver requirements-based secure and compliant architecture
• Provide taxonomy management
• Provide enterprise architecture compliance
• Design architecture that scales according to increased cloud and XaaS adoption
• Consolidate and support purpose-driven enterprise services by resilient, accessible and geographically dispersed infrastructures

Developing and implementing agile, innovative solutions to solve complex challenges

Evolving organzitions, Sev1Tech develops unique solutions by designing and implementing advanced technology capabilities to solve complex, mission critical IT challenges and meet customer requirements.

Key Services
•Design and implement next-generation technologies, such as the Internet of Things (IoT) for smart buildings and campuses, for customers in the industrial, healthcare and transportation markets, and for deployment of sensor networks.
•Use edge computing to increase IoT application performance, leveraging 5G to enable high speed IoT adoption
•Onboard all sensors and data operations through a zero-trust architecture
•Provide real-time analytics to demonstrate productive system operations
•Implement new technology capabilities to solve complex, mission critical IT challenges

Improving communication to accelerate team collaboration

Sev1Tech supports our customers’ environments by accelerating team abilities to collaborate anytime, anywhere.

Key Services
•Design collaborative environments that securely connect to customer applications and users across the enterprise
•Implement vendor-neutral Distributed Antenna System (DAS) cellular systems that provide an exceptional user experience
•Enhance the network by replacing legacy TDM systems with modern virtual switches, collaboration suites, and integrated communications
•Increase network flow by providing enhanced systems with tailored Quality-of-Service (QoS) plans

Delivering enhanced customer data center and colocation solutions with integrated, secure cloud connectivity

Modernizing onsites and remote environments with secure connectivity between users and the cloud, maximizing application performance.

Key Services
•Deliver technologies that provide flexible, secure connectivity between users and the cloud.
•Support DevSecOps with integration of Software Defined Networks with application modernization teams
•Provide physical, and software hardening for securing systems deemed unsuitable to move to the cloud

Building resilient, secure and highly available network infrastructure infusing standardization, automation and enterprise monitoring for simplified operations and situational awareness

Building resilient, secure and highly available network infrastructure infusing standardization, automation and enterprise monitoring for simplified operations and situational awareness.

Sev1Tech designs and integrates network engineering solutions supporting global government and commercial networks tailored to our customers’ business needs and specific architectural and security standards. Sev1Tech’s technical and operational support includes installations, troubleshooting, tamping down variances in network performance, and resolving administration issues. We provide 24/7/365 escalation support, reporting, vulnerability mitigation, service delivery and implementation of all network services.

Key Services
•Provide uninterrupted support, monitoring the performance of critical network infrastructure including routers, switches, firewalls, encryption devices, IDS, WAN/LAN optimization, load balancing, specialized appliances for DNS/DHCP, proxy, and security services
•Provide verified network availability, real-time outage and availability statistics, and monitored network quality of service to maximize application performance
•Maintain and improve configuration management through fault-management, configuration, accounting, performance, and security processes
•Conduct knowledge transfer and transition to operations support

Modern deployable agile network that increases security and reduces cost

Sev1Tech’s expertise in Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) and Software-Defined Networking (SDN) technologies provide modernized network management solutions for dynamic network configurations with increased security elements, improving network monitoring and performance.

Key Services
•Keep pace with rapidly changing demands from applications, mobile users and evolving security threats
•Reduce network administration costs by replacing traditional network infrastructure with configurable and testable network definitions suited to cloud or virtual onsite deployment
•Access resources securely regardless of location, adopting a least privilege and default deny strategy when enforcing application access, and inspecting and logging traffic for applications to prevent malicious activity, while increasing security and performance
•Adapt to hybrid or multi-cloud access by connecting applications and users seamlessly with unified visibility and management, while simplifying multi-cloud adoption by consolidating cloud access and security policies

Automate, innovate and grow with application services that prepare you to be future-ready

Agencies must recalibrate the IT landscape to become responsive and resilient entities at an enterprise scale. Sev1Tech application modernization services help agencies transform into next-generation digital ecosystems. With our strong focus on cloud and open-source software backed by Agile methodologies and DevSecOps practices, we help our customers reap the benefits of the latest technologies while continuously modernizing the ecosystem.

Key Services

  • Agile transformation. Drive disruption by applying Agile principles to achieve substantial performance improvements, accelerating agency change.Our Apios
  • DevSecOps pipeline revolutionizes workflows, enhances efficiencies and productivity by automating the software development process.
  • Software factories. Revolutionary cloud-enabled environments that automate software development, reducing ATO time and effort.Continuous Integration /
  • Continues Deployment (CI/CD). Leveraging modern CI/CD solutions and automate testing to derive stable and accurate solutions on shorter time frames.
  • Application assessment. Provides an accurate understanding of your legacy system, enabling us to develop the organizational case around renewing existing applications.