Training & Readiness

Mission success demands reliable system performance and proficient users and maintainers. Sev1Tech provides hands-on field support, data collection, and full spectrum training capabilities.

Training is critical to mission and warfighter readiness. A prepared warfighter is a safe warfighter. Sev1Tech prepares Soldiers, Marines and Aviators with innovative approaches to C4ISR training and delivers measurable results. At Sev1Tech we believe the “why” is a critical part of the training and is just as important as the “how” to perform a task. Sev1Tech’s learning methodology builds long term leadership, constructive and critical thinking skills which are retained long after the course is complete.

Sev1Tech specializes in C4ISR training development, fielding missions, and execution. We support US Army, USMC, Army National Guard, Army Reserve, as well as, Army Schoolhouses/Centers of Excellence. As a premier training provider since 2000, Sev1Tech has provided superior training services, including development, delivery and fielding missions for hardware, software, networks, sensors, and test & evaluation events. We are proficient in operations, maintenance, tactical and Key Leader training and deliver it in traditional classrooms, learning centers, virtually and/or on-the-job.

  • Live Training & Exercise Support
  • Course Content Development & Delivery
  • e–Learning
  • Constructive Simulation
  • Foreign Military Training
  • Institutional Capacity Building