Training & Readiness

Mission success demands reliable system performance and proficient users and maintainers. Sev1Tech provides hands-on field support, data collection, and full spectrum training capabilities.

Training is critical to mission and warfighter readiness. A prepared warfighter is a safe warfighter. Sev1Tech prepares Airmen and Space professionals with innovative approaches to training and delivers measurable results. At Sev1Tech, we believe the “why” is a critical part of the training and is just as important as the “how” to perform a task. Sev1Tech’s learning methodology builds long term leadership and constructive, critical thinking skills which are retained long after the course is complete.

Space Control Training for the 721st Operations Support Squadron. Develop and validate training products, conduct Space Control Training, maintain Special Mission Certification (SMC) and serve as a Subject Matter Expert (SME) on the space control equipment, weapon system, and Artificial Satellite Environment (ASE).

Energy and Infrastructure Resilience Programming Support for HQ, US Space Force/S4. Support technical programmatic, analytical, and staffing support to carry out the US Space Force mission of providing resilient and affordable space infrastructure capabilities for the Joint Force and the Nation. Services include providing technical support in project programming, cost estimating, infrastructure development and investigatory services, budgetary support, and planning

  • Developed first-ever Infrastructure Readiness Topology for USSF mission critical facilities; integrated into the Defense Readiness Reporting System (DRRS) providing both capability and resource data to leadership to ensure USSF operational-level readiness