Mission & Program Support

Government managers are expected to do more with less despite increased regulation and oversight. Sev1Tech marries proven management best practices with in-depth domain expertise in close partnership with our clients.

Effective project management is both a skill and an art as projects become more and more complex and dynamic user needs challenge budgets. Sev1Tech’s in-depth understanding of acquisition requirements, regulations, processes, documentation, and reviews complement the expertise of government program managers to keep projects on schedule and under control. Ultimately, a well-run program will fully satisfy user requirements while making the best use of taxpayer dollars.

Mission Integration Engineering for Peterson-Schriever Garrison (P-S GAR) and Space Delta 2 (DEL 2). Provide program support services, mission system technical expertise, cybersecurity/Information Assurance (IA) integration, communication planning, and cross-functional integration support affecting US Space Force mission systems, Geographically Separated Units (GSUs), and contracted mission programs.

  • Facilitated fixes to 55 Category 1 Deficiency Reports (DR) for 5 weapon systems; accelerated operations acceptance by 5 months for Joint Functional Component Command for Integrated Missile Defense (JFCC/IMD)
  • Created a “Deep Dive” and funding plan for each of the five Ground Based Radars; advocated for end-of-life phone switch replacement and secured $349K in unfunded procurement to restore communications capabilities to 100%
  • Uncovered 14Mbps disparity for which customer was paying on a monthly basis; coordinated with the Defense Information Systems Administration (DISA) to gain full bandwidth service; decreased average Non-classified Internet Protocol (IP) Router Network (NIPRNet) latency times by 40%

Cybersecurity Support Services for HQ, US Space Force. Develop, implement, manage, and maintain the Risk Management Framework (RMF) Cybersecurity Program supporting Space Mission Systems, Risk Mitigation, and Security Control Assessor (SCA) activities. Provide cybersecurity services, Evaluated/Approved Product List (E/APL) Technical Assessments, Technology Investigation, and Analysis. Advise the Space Mission Systems Authorizing Official on granting Authorities to Operate (ATOs), Initial Authority to Test (IATTs), and other cybersecurity categorizations.

  • Within the first three months, reduced the overall Air Force and Enterprise and Space Cybersecurity Risk Assessor (CRA) backlog from 229 to 40 cybersecurity packages.
  • Transitioned the Air Force and Space Force from DoD Information Assurance Certification and Accreditation Process (DIACAP) to Risk Management Framework (RMF) compliance rating from a nominal 68% to a more robust and Headquarters Air Force (HAF) 93% rating.

Enterprise Strategy and Architecture Office support for HQ, US Space Force. Coordinate and synchronize the development and refinement of the Space Warfighting Construct (SWC) across the HQ US Space Force directorates, Space Operations Command, the Space Deltas, and external space-related organizations.