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Supporting Employees and Families Remains Primary Focus for Sev1Tech Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

June 3, 2020

WOODBRIDGE, Va., June 3, 2020 – Sev1Tech, a leader in providing information technology, cloud, cyber security, engineering, C5ISR and program management support services, has gone to extreme lengths to support employees and families during the COVID-19 pandemic. Focusing on employee safety and health for Sev1Tech families, the company distributed more than 10,000 face masks, implemented remote work policies, established a laptop lending program for children to enable home education, held virtual Town Hall meetings and employee social activities and developed a multi-phase transition plan to safely return to offices.

Providing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for All Employees: Sev1Tech purchased more than 10,000 medical grade disposable face masks to distribute to employees and their families. The company packaged and sent nearly 650 boxes to employees across the country and even internationally. To support the anticipated transition back to offices, Sev1Tech also ordered and distributed 5000 custom-made reusable and washable masks for employees.

Working from Home with Microsoft Teams: As a result of COVID-19 induced office closures, Sev1Tech’s workforce transitioned to nearly 100% remote as the company instated work from home policies. Our business operations remained constant during this change due to the use of Microsoft Teams. Teams enabled the workforce to connect virtually with its videoconferencing and chat functions. Sev1Tech also created a crisis communications site within Teams which allows all employees to get live updates on company and world news, share their location status, and receive emergency communications.

Laptop Lending Program for Sev1Tech Children: With schools closing across the country and an emphasis on continuing education virtually, Sev1Tech recognized a need for some of our families that did not have laptops or computers for their children to use at home. As an IT company, Sev1Tech had laptops not currently in use, so the IT department prepared 25 laptops to be sent upon request to families that fit within this situation. This program was widely appreciated by our Sev1Tech employees as it allowed their children to participate in video chats and calls with teachers and connect with classmates.

Virtual Town Hall Meetings and Social Activities: During this time of uncertainty, Sev1Tech focused on creating open channels of communications with all employees by hosting weekly Town Hall meetings directly from Sev1Tech CEO, Bob Lohfeld, Jr. Lohfeld addressed the company weekly, providing updates on COVID-19 related company impacts, policies, and practices moving forward. To encourage social interaction and company togetherness, Sev1Tech also held multiple virtual events such as virtual Bingo, happy hours, movie nights and lunches with the CEO.

Phased Transition Plan for Returning to Offices: As states begin to lift restrictions and return to a new normal, Sev1Tech is preparing to welcome teams safely and voluntarily back to office buildings through a phased approach. To ensure employees feel safe returning to offices, Sev1Tech has upgraded all buildings in VA, CO, MD and NJ with ozone air purification systems, sanitizing floor mats throughout hallways, and hand sanitizing stations on every floor and entrance. Employees will be required to wear masks, asked to wipe down workstations with cleaning supplies during lunch hours and prior to leaving for the day, and requested to maintain safe social distancing. Sev1Tech will manage the number of employees within buildings by rotating schedules of employees reporting to the office and working from home.

“Sev1Tech has a family-focused culture where we value each and every employee and during these difficult times, we want nothing more than to support our employees and their families by providing the things they need to stay safe and adapt to a new normal,” said Lohfeld. “By ensuring our employees are provided with the tools, equipment, and support they need, we are also able to continue business operations and provide our customers with the same level of exceptional service that they are accustomed to receiving. Our company has been swift in adapting to changes resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic and we will continue to meet needs of our employees and customers as we move forward.”

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