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Sev1Tech’s Senior Systems Architect, Greg Porter, Speaks as a Guest on Ex Terra: The Journal of Space Commerce Podcast Episode “Digital Engineering Solutions for Space Technology: Sev1Tech 

Greg Porter tells Ex Terra podcast interviewer, Tom Patton, about Sev1Tech’s role in space commerce and how it plans to use everchanging technology, such as AI and digital twins, to leverage its capabilities making space exploration processes faster and more cost efficient.

WOODBRIDGE, Va., May 3, 2023 — Sev1Tech, a leader in providing information technology, engineering, program management, C5ISR, and cybersecurity support services, is excited to share that Greg Porter, Sev1Tech’s Senior Systems Architect, was featured as a guest on the Ex Terra: The Journal of Space Commerce Podcast episode “Digital Engineering Solutions for Space Technology: Sev1Tech” where he discussed Sev1Tech’s extensive digital engineering capabilities, its involvement with NASA, the company’s future in AI and the challenges that come with all of these.

Sev1Tech partners with both commercial and federal customers to contract its services. One of Sev1Tech’s current customers is the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). Sev1Tech has a large role in NASA’s current Artemis program by providing technology and services that aid putting this mission’s goals into orbit.

Greg Porter, an IT professional with over 12 years of extensive experience, is one of the Sev1Tech employees heavily immersed in the space industry. His diversly experienced team is currently partnered with Louisiana State University (LSU) developing a digital twin for NASA’s Artemis facility to aid space scientists and engineers.

Sev1Tech and LSU’s digital twin for NASA is comparable to a virtual reality (VR) experience. The digital twin is designed to act as a virtual walk through of the Michoud Facility. This means employees can work on the facility without physically being on site while still being fed real time information from the facility.

“Some of the goals with the digital twin work for NASA are to improve the efficiency and quality of maintaining the facility and managing the needs of the NASA program,” Porter said. “Which ultimately leads to decreased downtimes, improved communication and decreased costs.”

Porter discusses the importance of digital twins and threads and how they ultimately end up saving companies time and money because they can utilize such technology to predict necessary facility maintenance and complications in development.

While these digital twins may work for some projects, they do not work for all. Greg explains that digital twins may not be an option for Sev1Tech’s military contracts due to classification challenges. Many classifications require employees with special clearances to be on site. He explains that there are a lot of security concerns when it comes to intertwining AI and the military.

In the episode, Greg also touches more on Sev1Tech’s investments into training, DevSecOps, Sev1Tech and AI, the future of cloud-based services and overcoming challenges in the IT industry.

The Ex Terra podcast has been featuring space industry professionals since its debut in 2020. The podcast leads discussions in what goes on behind the scenes in space exploration.

To listen to Greg discuss Sev1Tech’s contributions to figuring out what lies beyond Earth’s atmosphere, visit the Ex Terra: The Journal of Space Commerce podcast episode on Spotify by clicking the link:

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