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Sev1Tech Launches COVID-19 Tracking Application

July 22, 2020

WOODBRIDGE, Va., July 22, 2020 – Sev1Tech, a leader in providing information technology, engineering, program management, C5ISR and cybersecurity support services, announced it has developed and launched CheckSafe, a mobile and web application that offers COVID-19-related health and safety tracking and alerts for employees. CheckSafe is intended to help foster a safe workplace for employees as businesses return to “new normal” status with increased personnel reporting to offices.

CheckSafe is a reporting tool with capabilities that allow administrators to check-in users through a screening process. Before entering offices, employees are required to report their work location for the day and indicate if they are experiencing COVID-19 related symptoms. Upon being cleared to report to an office location, employees receive temperature checks which are logged into CheckSafe. The administrative tracking abilities of CheckSafe allow employers to track which employees are reporting to specific locations and, in the event of possible COVID-19 exposure, can alert specific employees to consider testing or quarantining measures.

In addition to symptom and location tracking, CheckSafe also has reminders that encourage employees to sanitize and clean their workstations at various times of the day. The app suggests sanitizing workspaces, door handles, frequently touched areas, and hand cleaning to help reduce the spread of germs. Employees can then use the app to confirm that they have performed these actions.

“We are all excited to return to our new normal at Sev1Tech, which includes bringing more employees back into the office with increased safety and social distancing precautions,” said Martin Wright, CIO at Sev1Tech. “In response to COVID-19, our organization has taken necessary steps to ensure our employees and their families have the resources to slow the spread. The introduction of CheckSafe is pivotal in tracking employee locations, health symptoms and for enforcing regular sanitizing measures. With CheckSafe, we can better ensure the health and safety of all our employees.”

CheckSafe was developed internally by Sev1Tech’s team, which includes senior application developer, Tyler Bonci, chief information officer, Martin Wright; senior subject matter expert & web application developer, Steve Kim; and chief cloud solutions architect, Collin Pace.

CheckSafe is the latest in an impressive list of initiatives taken by Sev1Tech in response to the global pandemic. Sev1Tech purchased and distributed more than 12,000 medical-grade face masks to employees and their families around the world, transitioned to a nearly 100% remote workforce leveraging Microsoft Teams and stayed connected with virtual town hall meetings and social activities. To provide a clean and germ-free environment, Sev1Tech has established a mandatory face mask policy and equipped offices with hand sanitizing stations, individual sanitizer spray bottles, ozone and UV air purification systems and sanitizing floor mats.

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