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Sev1Tech Donates $220,000 to Hurricane Support Efforts and Assist Hurricane Victims with Recovery

September 8, 2017

Woodbridge, VA – Sev1Tech, Inc., a leader in providing IT, engineering, and program management services to government and commercial clients, donated nearly $220,000 towards hurricane relief support and sent a Sev1Tech Relief Team of 6 employees down to Beaumont, Texas to provide support to families impacted by Hurricane Harvey.

Unable to stand by and continue listening to horrible news about Hurricane Harvey victims, Sev1Tech CEO, Bob Lohfeld, decided to take action last week and form a relief team to help those in need. To try and provide the biggest impact possible, Sev1Tech focused relief efforts in Beaumont, TX, a small town about 80 miles east of Houston that experienced heavy flooding and severe damage to their community. The Sev1Tech Relief Team (comprised of Bob Lohfeld, Brian McIntyre, Martin Wright, Joe Re, Adam Pinell, and Pablo Buitrago) partnered with Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church (Pastor Thomas Williams, Sr.) and Magnolia Missionary Baptist Church (Pastor Dwight Benoit) to distribute non-perishable foods, water, cleaning supplies, diapers, and other everyday essential items to residents that were in dire need of help. The team also went door to door to deliver items to elderly citizens and families with young children that had been unable to leave their homes.

In addition to distributing food and supplies to the Beaumont, TX community, the Sev1Tech Relief Team spent a considerable amount of time assisting the Magnolia Missionary Baptist Church in repairing their home of worship. During Hurricane Harvey, the church had nearly three feet of water take over the main floor and cause major damage. In an effort to restore parts of the church and prevent future structural or community health problems, Sev1Tech ripped out water soaked carpeting, removed crumbling sheetrock and tattered insulation, tore down ruined paneling, and tried to salvage warping pew benches. The team mopped insect and mud-covered floors, sprayed bleach on moldy beams, disinfected multiple areas, swept debris and rubble, and set up industrial fans to speed the drying out process. Prior to leaving, Sev1Tech also purchased and donated two generators to the church so that they could continue restoration efforts on their own, despite being without power.

“I am truly amazed and deeply touched by the overwhelming thanks and gratitude that our team received from the families and community of Beaumont,” said CEO, Bob Lohfeld. “Every person that we spoke with expressed extreme thanks for our support and help in the area. We will continue to stay connected with the churches we formed relationships with this past week and try to support their future recovery efforts over the next few months as much as possible.”

Sev1Tech plans to help the victims of Hurricane Irma as soon as more information is released on what areas need the most assistance. To stay tuned on Sev1Tech community service and hurricane relief efforts, visit or follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

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