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Sev1Tech CTO, Hector Collazo, featured in article by Authority Magazine

Sev1Tech CTO participates in Authority Magazine’s series on how business leaders can address the challenges that have made securing a reliable supply chain a national imperative.

WOODBRIDGE, Va., Oct. 31, 2022 – Sev1Tech, a leader in providing information technology, engineering, program management, C5ISR, and cybersecurity support services, is thrilled to announce that Hector Collazo, chief technology officer (CTO), was featured in a Q&A spotlight published by Authority Magazine discussing the characteristics of a secure supply chain.

The topic of securing reliable supply chains is relevant and essential given the current global conditions. Hector pulls from his personal background and professional expertise to contribute to the conversation and embodies Sev1Tech’s values and priorities through his urgency surrounding supply chain cybersecurity.

Hector, a Puerto Rican native, graduated from the University of Puerto Rico with his bachelor’s in electronic engineering and later received his master’s in business administration at the University of Phoenix. His background led him to work with almost every U.S. defense agency in the nation earning himself an extensive list of credentials to work proficiently within the field of national security and technology.

During the Q&A, Hector tells us about how in 2020, the global supply chain was experiencing difficulties getting shipments delivered because of an employee and equipment shortage along with a cyber-attack against SolarWinds. Collazo discusses this and tells Authority Magazine how situations like these can be avoided by taking the proper steps to create a plan of action.

“From my perspective, a secure and resilient supply chain should have five pillars, backed up by a strategic and well-designed plan to adapt at the speed of relevance,” Collazo said.

Collazo goes on to describe these five pillars as being visibility, flexibility, collaboration, agility and control. These traits allow for adaptability in creating a resilient supply chain.

In addition to the five pillars, Collazo discusses how the U.S. can improve their national defense in cybersecurity by focusing on training and educating employees and how he stresses this in his career as cybersecurity is one of Sev1Tech’s areas of expertise and top priorities.

Diversity in the industry is something he also values and believes could bring beneficial change to national defense. This is another reflection of Sev1Tech’s core values in bringing in not only an elite team of professionals, but also a diverse one.

“In any industry, each person brings a different perspective and a different set of skills and experiences. If we combine more diverse perspectives, we will be better able to tackle problems and make progress,” Collazo said.

Aside from national defense and cybersecurity, Collazo discusses his values as a CTO. As the leader of Sev1Tech’s High Impact Technology, Science, and Engineering Team (HITSE), humility, teamwork and being helpful are all qualities he explains as being essential to successfully leading a team.

To learn more about what CTO, Hector Collazo, has to say about leadership, national defense and supply chain cybersecurity, visit Authority Magazine’s article “Hector Collazo of Sev1Tech on What We Must do to Create Nationally Secure and Resilient Supply Chains” using the link below.

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