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Sev1Tech Closes Deal with Sounds True to Solve Outsourced DevOps Model

July 1, 2019

Woodbridge, VA – Sev1Tech announced today that the company has been awarded a commercial contract to provide Sounds True, a leading multimedia publishing company, with software modernization support to promote long-term growth.

Sev1Tech has been supporting Sounds True since 2018, providing strategic consulting, cloud migration and infrastructure managed services to transition the company to a fully managed cloud environment.  Under this new deal, Sev1Tech will provide agile software development, application modernization, and DevOps support in an effort to reconstruct their next generation systems, allowing customers to purchase content and seamlessly experience audio and video on various applications and platforms. The team will provide Sounds True with enhanced customer support, faster content delivery network, and improved scalability and security.

 “Sev1Tech is committed to providing outstanding solutions that exceed our customer’s expectations,” said Vice President, Vlad Aleksiev. “Our agile software development services align precisely with Sounds True technology requirements and we are thrilled to continue our partnership developing a digital library that offers a better user experience.”

Sounds True was established in 1985 on the foundation of spiritual development and knowledge for individuals worldwide. Today, the multimedia company has created and published a virtual library of more than 2,500 audio and music recordings, books, multimedia learning resources, and educational programs in several languages from some of the most inspiring leaders in the world.

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