Security Architecture Engineering and Automation

Designing and building secure, efficient environments

Sev1Tech delivers industry experts to engineer, implement, maintain, and refresh complex and mission-critical cybersecurity deployments for both federal and commercial customers. Our architectural and engineering services include network segmentation, data protection, solution integration, and root-cause analysis. We increase cyber awareness, reduce system risk, and improve incident resolution times, while maximizing the functionality of existing tools.

Secure Engineering Services

  • Custom cyber solutions: Each customer is unique and requires different services. Sev1Tech works with our customers to implement cyber solutions that integrate with their current system environment, business operations, and internal SME expertise.
  • Architecture design: Through modeling and iterative evaluation Sev1tech addresses the challenge of architecting modern secure architectures. The volume of data in modern environments demands well-designed network and system architectures to ensure it is securely stored, properly managed, and accessible to the right customer in modern distributed environments.
  • Network Security: Sev1Tech security and network engineers work in parallel to design, build, and monitor network infrastructure.