Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) Certification and Compliance

IT Security for the Defense Industrial Base

CMMCs are critical for safe, ongoing business operations. We provide our customers with a current compliance assessment, prepare Organizations Seeking CMMC Certification (OSC) for the certification assessment, and compare the company’s information against CMMC cyber requirements identifying gaps and providing the insight needed to meet CMMC qualifications.

CMMC Services

  • Sensitive Data Awareness Discovery and Guidance: CMMC auditors require companies to know where CUI information is located to protect the data and segmenting the architecture for the implementation of CMMC security controls. Sev1Tech thoroughly prepares for audits by interviewing system administrators and analyzing system architecture to determine where sensitive data is processed, stored and transmitted.
  • Boundary Scoping and Infrastructure Segmentation: Sev1Tech uses the results of data awareness procedures to define a scope for the implementation of CMMC security controls to reduce cost, scheduling, and complexity of OSC compliance.
  • Evidence Creation and Collection: Help create processes and procedures unique to customer’s capabilities and offerings to assist in preparing for a CMMC audit.
  • Technical Implementation Guidance: Analyze OSC’s current systems and develop a comprehensive plan with recommendations to help the OSC integrate technical configurations and solutions in accordance with CMMC requirements.
  • CMMC Assessment Preparation and Remediation Planning: Sev1Tech prepares employees at varying organizational levels for the requirements they must meet, educating them on maturing their infrastructure, policies and procedures to meet audit requirements. Sev1Tech helps prepare, create and implement cybersecurity for the OSC, allowing the organization to stand independently based on mature technology and effective cyber practices.
  • Cloud Compliance against CMMC Requirements: Our cloud security and compliance experts analyze data and sensitivity requirements, providing recommendations to improve cloud platforms based on customer data, cloud infrastructure location, personnel, services, capabilities, cost, and OSC requirements.