Assessment and Mitigation

Discover and Secure

Sev1Tech’s assessment methodology has been proven for onsites and cloud infrastructures to address any organization’s cybersecurity deficiencies. Given that the threat landscape and vulnerabilities are constantly changing, our methods are continually enhanced to support each customers’ needs and environment.

Assessment and Mitigation Services

  • Assessment Planning: The planning process is critical to the success of our customers’ overall assessment. Sev1Tech works with our partners to establish a plan and assessment scope to include personnel, escalation methodology, tools, and scheduling.
  • Discovery: Sev1Tech uses a multi-phase approach to perform a discovery analysis. We examine devices and applications to collect the required current state and risk data. Next, we perform a threat-vector analysis comparing the identified systems state, security vulnerability data against system access to assess the exposure and risk.
  • Follow-on Actions
    • Assessment Analysis
    • Technical and Administrative Support
    • Security Risk and Solution Prioritization
    • Risk Management Framework (RMF)
    • Continuous Monitoring

Follow-on Actions 

  • Assessment Analysis: Identify and develop a prioritized list of exploitable vulnerabilities. In addition, Sev1Tech can perform a vector check to determine if critical operations have currently been compromised.
  • Technical and Administrative Support: Help organizations respond to risks by adding network administrators and organizations to determine processes and technical solutions to reduce risk.
  • Security Risk and Solution Prioritization: Help organizations protect their network and applications against cybersecurity attacks by mitigating, and eliminating identified, vulnerabilities.
  • Risk Management Framework (RMF): Sev1Tech has extensive knowledge of the System-level and Authorizing Office Levels of the Department of Defense RMF process. Work with our customers to develop all required system and submission credentials to meet RMF compliance requirements.
  • Continuous Monitoring: Monitor and maintain security controls providing leadership with critical information security, vulnerabilities, and threat data, recommending processes to ensure cyber compliance.