OnSite Services

Even with distributed networking and cloud technology, many organizations remain centralized around office locations that require a unique brand of support. Our OnSite Services deliver qualified resources available to offer direct engagement and assistance for a variety of daily IT support needs.

Key Services

  • Desktop Support (including laptops, tablets, and mobile devices as appropriate):
  • Tier One Desktop Support: Provide basic support and troubleshooting, system availability, and performance monitoring, back-office activities such as modifying accounts, password resets, and communication with end users.
  • Tier Two Desktop Support: Provide deskside services to install, connect, configure, upgrade, troubleshoot, diagnose, and repair desktop/laptop system hardware and software, mobile devices, and peripherals like printers and scanners. Hardware upgrades, including adding memory, hard drives, removable storage media, DVD-ROMs and network interface cards. Software support, including upgrade or reinstalling operating systems, application software, utility software, and customer-specific procured/developed standard system software. Mobile device and PC refreshes, assisting with COOP exercises and events, and providing support for virus and malware.
  • Tier Three Desktop Support: Establish technical capability and excellent troubleshooting skills to provide effective deskside services to resolve common technical issues. The issues can include core business applications, support backup solutions and processes, WAN and LAN connectivity, firewalls, and security-related matters. Tier three support provides application support, including installation, configuration, migration, and troubleshooting; malware, spam, and antivirus support. Implement remote access solutions such as VPN and terminal services, OWA, and remote web workplace
  • Network Support (LAN/WAN/MAN)
  • Infrastructure Support (Server/Storage/Database/Middleware Management)