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Michael Fry, Sev1Tech’s General Manager, Air and Space Force Division, Featured in Article by WashingtonExec 

Sev1Tech’s General Manager, Air and Space Force, was featured in a WashingtonExec article discussing his recent achievements and how his team is enhancing operational capabilities for space mission partners in 2024.

WOODBRIDGE, Va., Feb. 15, 2024 — Michael Fry, Sev1Tech’s General Manager, Air and Space Force, was featured in WashingtonExec’s article titled “Top Space Execs to Watch in 2024” which spotlights executives across both industry and government who are spearheading initiatives to advance the U.S. space mission.

In the article, Michael details his biggest recent achievement: leading his team to a major milestone in connecting space mission partners through seamless synchronization of data and operations for future operational capabilities. He shares that this groundbreaking effort will boost mission security and responsiveness and will come to fruition in 2024.

Michael also reveals that he is an introvert and how the constant interaction and collaboration, social engagements required by his role don’t come naturally to him. He shares that he has worked diligently to hone his communication and leadership skills.

“Consistency Compounds” is the mantra that Michael lives by in both his personal and professional life which drives him to make big strides through small, consistent efforts. It encapsulates his belief in the power of persistent effort and incremental progress.

The “Top Space Execs to Watch in 2024” list includes executives paving the way for space missions in 2024. This year, Michael and his team are focusing on revolutionizing how Space Force undertakes its missions in communication architectures. Their goal is to enable a more agile, secure and efficient workflow from development to production, leveraging DevSecOps principles.

To read more about how Michael and the work his team are doing to push space missions forward, visit the article link:

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