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Joe Re, Sev1Tech’sGeneral Manager, Maritime Division, Featured in Article by SeaPower Magazine 

Sev1Tech’s General Manager, Maritime Division, was featured in a SeaPower Magazine article discussing how Sev1Tech is empowering Naval commanders to make real-time decisions. 

WOODBRIDGE, Va., April 25, 2024 — Joe Re, Sev1Tech’s General Manager, Maritime Division, was featured in SeaPower’s article titled “Sev1Tech Focuses on Hybrid Approach to Data Management” to share how Sev1Tech is helping the Department of the Navy overcome data challenges and receive accurate, timely data.  

In the article, Re discusses how Sev1Tech is building on its DevSecOps capabilities to combat complex IT systems and equip naval commanders and warfighters with crucial, near-real-time data. He focuses on an approach to data management that incorporates IT modernization and security at every stage.  

Re shares how data expectations are evolving across the government and notes the perspective shift.  

“Previous architecture focused a lot of centralization – monolithic warehouses to store data. Now there is more of a shift to a decentralized approach.,” Re said. “… It’s probably more a way of thinking about how we manage the data and use the data then specific systems.” 

Re concludes that data is at its most valuable when it has a direct role in warfighting. He cites Project Minerva, a recent initiative by the U.S. Coast Guard, which clearly states the seven “rights” that lead to more valuable data.  

Re highlights Sev1Tech’s current data management projects and goes on to suggest areas where AI could have a positive impact on naval systems.  

Read more about what Joe has to say about the shifting approach to data management and Sev1Tech’s current data management support for the Navy in the SeaPower Magazine article, click the link: 

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