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Bob Lohfeld, Sev1Tech’s CEO, was Featured as a Guest on WashingtonExec’s Podcast Series Humble Beginnings 

Bob Lohfeld takes a seat on Humble Beginnings to talk about how his upbringing and the experiences that shaped him into the leader he is today.

WOODBRIDGE, Va., Feb. 6, 2024 — Sev1Tech’s CEO guest-starred in the Humble Beginnings podcast episode titled “Behind Sev1Tech CEO Bob Lohfeld’s Reputation for ‘Running Towards the Fire,'” presented by WashingtonExec, to dive into his background and share the early influences that shaped his work ethic and values that served as the foundation of Sev1Tech and have remained core values as the company has grown.

In the podcast, Bob talks about his upbringing in Maryland and shares the influence his grandmother had on his life. He walks through his education and early career, sharing how he got his initial start in international logistics. Bob recalls career milestones and how he transitioned through different parts of the industry and gained an array of professional experience which set the stage for the impactful career that followed.

Notably in his early career, Bob quickly earned the reputation of being the one to “run towards the fire” and put it out. This metaphorical pursuit of challenges showcased Bob’s ability to navigate complexities head-on. In the podcast, Bob attributes this mentality to the support he feels at home.

“I think if when you come home, whatever home looks like, you know that whether you win, lose, succeed, or fail you will be loved. It gives you a different perspective on life” Lohfeld said. “And whether that was my parents or best friend and wife, now married 25 years, I never had anything other than go try something because as long as we have each other it will be okay.”

The theme of connection continues throughout the podcast. Bob shares his views on emerging technologies such as AI and how they can hinder it. He encourages listeners to be mindful of the media they consume and to prioritize genuine connection. Additionally, Bob shares how he intentionally carves out time to recharge and challenge himself to acquire new skills.

To hear Bob go into detail on his career leading up to starting Sev1Tech and share his views on diversity and leadership, listen to the full podcast. You can find Humble Beginnings wherever you get your podcasts.

Listen to the full podcast episode on the web here:

About WashingtonExec’s Podcast Series Humble Beginnings 

The CEO’s and senior GovCon leaders weren’t always sitting in the corner office. They weren’t born in suits with a handbook for success and a direct path to leadership. In fact, before many of these executives came into positions of powers, they had rather humble beginnings – no corporate family tree or unlimited access. Many had to find their way on their own with little to fall back on. This podcast will share the stories of high school part-time work, first jobs and early-career decisions, decades before the CEO appointments and the board memberships. We’ll learn about the unconventional paths to success, the ones most of us can relate to.

About Sev1Tech

Sev1Tech provides IT modernization, cloud, cybersecurity, engineering, training and program support services to U.S. government agencies and major commercial organizations. Headquartered in the Washington D.C. metro area, Sev1Tech is a trusted contractor supporting critical missions across the defense, intelligence, homeland security, space, and health markets. Sev1Tech delivers excellence through highly qualified people, CMMI SVC 3, ISO 9001, ISO 20000, ISO 27001 and ISO 27017 certified processes, and cutting-edge technology.

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