Security and Compliance Review and Support

Managing and maintaining the appropriate security posture for agencies and organizations can be a logistical nightmare. Aligning teams, tracking best practices, reviewing log files, and proactive maintenance require a host of different specializations to maintain an environment less susceptible to compromise.

The Sev1Tech security and compliance review and support offering offloads that ongoing management and personnel effort to a team of certified resources armed with industry-best tools to support the most robust security posture possible for our clients. Our offering is a critical piece of an organization or an agency’s security approach, whether aligned with FISMA High/Moderate/Low, HIPAA, PCI, DoD or others.

Key Services

  • Managed System Security Plans
  • eAuthentication
  • Periodic Compliance Audits
  • Penetration Testing / Vulnerability Testing
  • Risk and Vulnerability Assessment
  • Cyber Hunting – or searching through networks to detect advanced threats that may evade existing security solutions
  • High Value Asset Assessments
  • Policy Review
  • Application Compliance Review